Tips more important in the holidays

Buying for family members and friends may be front and center on your mind for the holidays, but now more than ever, the holiday season is a time to remember all the other people who make your life special. The good news is experts have done the heavy lifting for you. Don’t know what to give your hairdresser, house,cleaner, lawn care man or any other service professional?

Don’t worry, Diane Gottsman, the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, offers a holiday tipping guide for whom to tip and how much to give this holiday season. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are suggestions. Keeping in mind that the amounts can vary based on your own budget and what you can afford.

Who should you give tips to during the holidays?


The first question many people may ask is, “Who should be getting a tip for the holiday season?” Experts recommend that bonus tips are generally paid to people who work for tips throughout the year. Tipping is especially important if they have provided good service to you throughout the year and you plan to continue to use their services the next year.

Common service people who usually accept tips include the barista, bar tender, a dog walker, house cleaner, news carrier, pool cleaner and lawn maintenance person.

How much should you tip?


Once again, the amount is up to you. There are, however some common guidelines. For instance, if you decide to tip the mail carrier the tip should generally be a small gift rather than cash, which they are not supposed to keep. The FedEx driver can receive small gifts of cash but it should not exceed $75.

Others report tipping their news paper delivery person an estimated $30, a housekeeper $50 and a building handyman $20-$50, if you see them on a regular basis. Hairstylists often receive a cash gift equal to one visit and a school bus driver may be given a small gift card.

If there are others, such as teachers or school administrators, who you would like to thank they always appreciate baked goods, gift cards or other small tokens of appreciation. Talk to your child’s teacher and find out their favorite restaurant and get them a gift card. If in doubt, go with the Starbucks gift card. Here again, generally if the person works for a salary they are not given a cash gift- think doctor, dentist, or accountant.

Tips are one more way of learning to be thankful


I have always said that everyone should work at least one job where they rely on tips. Whether it’s a waitressing job or delivering pizza, if you have done this type of work you understand the importance of a tip. This lesson will serve you well throughout life. In fact, you will always remember the kindness of the strangers who gave you an extra large tip and the smile it put on your face. And consider- Christmas time is the perfect time to spread a little extra holiday cheer!

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