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If you are considering your Constitutional option of filing for bankruptcy protection, odds are you don’t know much about the bankruptcy process. This blog will provide you with some free information resources in order to help you begin the learning process for filing.

The Cornell Law School Library

The Cornell Law School Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Information Resources Should Include Various Websites

The US Courts website is a good place to begin your learning experience for your journey into the bankruptcy process. This website is found at:

You can obtain all the legal basics about filing bankruptcy on this site. The feds have made the site easier to read because they have written the material in lay terms.

Try visiting various bankruptcy forum websites like the one at On these websites, lay people who have filed for bankruptcy protection and legal experts in the bankruptcy industry get online to give free help to people who are facing bankruptcy. You can get very valuable information from people who have not only experienced what you are about to go through, but have compassion for what you are facing.

The information on these sites are free, but you must be aware, they are no substitute for a legal expert whom you will have to pay to provide a legal service for doing the same.

Free Information Resources Can Include Other Electronic Options

Various law schools around the country will provide you with free electronic information either online or upon request.

As an example, Cornell University Law School provides you with free access to the Legal Information Institute. Their online blurb says this about their free service:

“We are a not-for-profit group that believes everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern them, without cost. We carry out this vision by:

  • Publishing law online, for free.

  • Creating materials that help people understand law.

  • Exploring new technologies that make it easier for people to find the law.

We are a small research, engineering, and editorial group housed at the Cornell Law School in Ithaca, NY. Our collaborators include publishers, legal scholars, computer scientists, government agencies, and other groups and individuals that promote open access to law, worldwide.”

Free Information Resources Can Include Visits to Bankruptcy Attorneys

Many bankruptcy attorneys will give you a free consult in order to see if you really need an attorney for filing your bankruptcy, or whether or not you even need to file for bankruptcy protection. You will be able to gather a certain amount of free information about the bankruptcy process during these visits. Your prospective legal representative will be learning things about you also, so getting free information is not always a one sided affair.

It is recommended by many former filers to get between 3 and 5 of these free consults for the purpose not only determining who you may want to represent you when you do file for protection but for gathering information as well. Remember, filing for bankruptcy protection is a learning process that takes time and effort to make the right financial decisions. If you are wanting a real chance to financially start over, it might be a wise thing for you to invest the time in getting as much free information resources as you possibly can before you file.

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