Extreme Reactions to Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Sometimes people who are in financial trouble facing both foreclosure and bankruptcy have extreme reactions to their situation. One such recent extreme reaction, breaking news indicates, ended in death for the homeowner.

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SWAT Responds to Homeowner Woes

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, a homeowner in Suwanee, Georgia called 911 to report a medical emergency that he was experiencing a heart attack. The 911 operator called the local fire department which sent out five of their firemen to the scene who were also EMT trained.

Upon arriving at the house located in a well groomed neighborhood, the firemen were greeted by the homeowner wielding a gun. He held them hostage for over 3 hours before an unsuccessful attempt by a hostage negotiator to free the firemen. For the safety of the firemen under the circumstances, the local police felt it necessary to use the SWAT team to break into the home to free the firemen. The SWAT action resulted in a gun fight with the homeowner. One policeman was shot in the hand; the homeowner was killed on the spot. The firemen were all rescued safely and were treated for minor cuts from the percussion grenade the SWAT team used while entering the home.

From early news reports, the homeowner had the extreme reactions of taking hostages because he was distressed over current financial problems and because he had gotten a notice in October of 2012 that he was going to lose his house to foreclosure. The homeowner made demands from the firemen that his cable, utilities, and phone service be turned back on, something they had no control over.

When people are financially distressed, they may think about extreme reactions or even contemplate extreme reactions, but very few people actually take them. Certainly, whatever motivated the man to take such an extreme reaction, his mental state of mind was probably not stable at the time.

Homelessness is a very serious state of affairs for individuals and families. Suddenly not being able to pay your bills after a lifetime of the discipline of doing so can be a mental shock to anyone. How each individual and family responds to such scenarios usually determines how they end up coming out of their temporary financial problems.

I use the word temporary because, barring a physical or mental problem, financial problems are normally temporary. I also used the word respond to instead of react to a bad financial situation. A response to a financial situation is normally a procedure that requires thinking through any actions required to alleviate any given financial problems. A reaction to a financial problem is simply any action immediately taken at the time of the situation. Sometimes a reaction to a financial problem works out fine. Other times, financial problems not clearly thought through, if reacted to, can end up as extreme reactions.

When you face financial problems, our society has provided you with an opportunity to financially start over. Bankruptcy laws were made for this very reason. As part of bankruptcy law, the automatic stay of bankruptcy can stop foreclosures in their tracks until you have had time to thoughtfully work through your financial problems. No real need for you to ever have any extreme reactions.

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