Bankruptcy and When to Challenge Authority

When to challenge authority is one of the hardest lessons we learn as American citizens. Most of us are taught to respect the authority placed over us from our very beginning. We are taught God is in control, doctors know best, all police are here for our protection, and the rules of society always have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, these concepts about authority do not always hold true, especially when you are facing bankruptcy.

When you have experienced bankruptcy is one of those times in your life when authority might conflict with what you believe to be true. At this time, you may be challenged to face the authority figures controlling your financial destiny. Challenging financial authority is a very hard concept for many to do, and the reasons for the conflict are varied.

Perceptions About Bankruptcy and Financial Authority

There has always been some repeaters in bankruptcy filings, but statistics prove most bankruptcy filers are not serial filers. Congress passed the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act to help eliminate the perceived idea Americans were abusing the system. What we have found out since the inception of the new laws is there are still as many people filing for bankruptcy protection as there was prior to the passing of the laws.

Regardless of statistics, first time filers still have trouble filing because of their perceptions they have about the authorities they perceive to be in control of their financial destiny. With laws favoring creditors, those in charge of your credit can have a profound influence as authorities over your finances.

The perception God is in control, held by many religious people, may also impede some American’s desire to challenge authority. People who see God as in control of all their financial situations might tend to feel they have felled the highest authority in handling of their finances. Unfortunately, many in our society are willing to contribute to this myth by shaming those experiencing bankruptcy as something other than doing their part to financially survive. Society’s rules become the authority that a first time bankruptcy filer must challenge in order to overcome the bankruptcy. This might explain why some first time filers are hesitant to file for bankruptcy protection.

A Healthy Approach to Bankruptcy and Authority

Understanding bankruptcy as a financial state of affairs often caused through no fault of your own is a healthy approach towards society’s rules concerning bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy protection is a Constitutional provision designed to allow both creditor and debtor to legally escape a bad financial situation. You should Challenge authority through society’s bankruptcy system when you are truly bankrupt. That is the healthy approach to dealing with your financial hardships.

Most likely, to challenge the bankruptcy system means you will have to find a bankruptcy advocate to help challenge the authority you will face within the bankruptcy system. Simply put, you will need a bankruptcy lawyer to help you challenge the system.

A Friendly Reminder Concerning Authority

As a friendly reminder to all, today is our national election. Get out and challenge authority by voting your convictions! It is very important to the overall process of being a free American!

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