Life Can Send Us Cruel Curve Balls

127 Hours is the title of a recent movie about a true life adventure, Aron Ralston, an extreme sports enthusiast from Utah, who hiked through the Canyonlands National Park in April of 2003.

While hiking, Ralston slipped and fell, loosening a large boulder which landed on his arm, pinning Ralston to the crevice wall. 127 hours later, Ralston, whose survival instincts had forced him to cut his own arm off, was free.

Today Ralston, who is now married, loves extreme sports. He chose not to become a victim, but to live a life of hope. Life can send us cruel curve balls, but how you handle them is your choice.

This personal bankruptcy story was posted May of 2011,

“My life has been full of unexpected surprises, cruel surprises. It was not my choice to get divorced, lose my job, and be diagnosed with a progressive disease. Those life changing events were never planned or expected. Two years ago, I had a great credit score and a great job, but in less than 3 months, I was struggling to keep my home.

I worked with my creditors and even debt consolidation companies but I couldn’t qualify for any program. Collection agencies kept harassing me by calling and sending threatening letters, demanding payment. They got so aggressive that they called and harassed my relatives. It was a nightmare! I finally decided to file bankruptcy and borrowed money to pay for an attorney. I found out a month later my bankruptcy attorney also filed for bankruptcy.  I lost the money I borrowed to pay for his services. Bankruptcy is the only choice some people have, but some people may not agree until their life takes a rough sudden shift.”

This debtor did not have to lose her arm to find out how cruel life can be. Making the right choice, the debtor eventually found a bankruptcy lawyer who helped her successfully file for bankruptcy protection.

Today, according to her other posts, she says she can sleep at night without the fear of harassment. “I may not know what life offers tomorrow but at least after filing for bankruptcy I can use what little money we have for food. Perhaps, if a job opportunity comes, that would only be the time I can say that I am starting fresh.”

Starting fresh is the hope we all share. It was true for Ralston, and it was true for the debtor in our illustration. Without hope we are hopeless.

Yes, life can throw you a curve ball. You can strike out or you can hit the ball out of the park. Going bankrupt is one of the cruelest pitches life can throw at you, but there is no reason you cannot survive.

Maybe your life has taken a sudden turn. Maybe you have lost your job, gotten divorced, or suffered a sudden illness. Any of these events can drain your finances, and you might want to consider contacting a bankruptcy lawyer.

If you need relief from the stress of debt and you live in or around the metropolitan areas of Salt Lake City or Ogden, Utah, contact us at .We will help you find a bankruptcy attorney in your area who will answer your bankruptcy questions.

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