When You Can’t Afford To Wait

Free checking may soon be a thing of the past. With the sluggish economy and high unemployment, banks are attempting to recoup the cost of doing business from more stringent banking fees. 

This personal bankruptcy story was posted on the internet in March of 2011, “I have over $1000 in fees from my bank for bounced checks. Trying to get a handle on it to pay it down. They keep adding on fees because I can’t pay it off right away. I also owe other companies money from the same bounced checks. How can I get a handle on this and stay out of trouble?” 

The debtor wants to know how to “get a handle” on her bad checks. The bank and the other companies who were issued bad checks want their money, but she feels she cannot pay the high check bouncing fees. 

When I was a young man I received three speeding tickets inside a week, two in one day. When I went before the judge to explain that I couldn’t afford the tickets, the judge responded with, “Son, I am going to get into your pocket book until you slow down.”  I slowed down. The woman needs to stop writing bad checks. 

The woman was charged fee of $1000 in hot check writing fees, which seems exorbitant, but without knowing the full details of the circumstances, we just don’t know.  I would suggest she seek help from debt managers, a criminal lawyer who can provide advice on how to avoid prosecution for writing hot checks, or a bankruptcy lawyer who can provide information on current bankruptcy laws and how they apply to her situation. She may need help from all three. If she cannot pay the fees and satisfy her creditors, she may be bankrupt. 

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that is designed to protect both creditor and debtor. It allows the honest person or business to make a fresh financial start. Before filing bankruptcy, debtors must take an accredited credit counseling course. 

It was the hope of Congress, who passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 and mandated the requirements of taking a credit counseling course before filing, that the filers would learn how to manage their money and potentially avoid bankruptcy. Unfortunately, making financial changes is difficult and the changes in the laws have done little to slow bankruptcy filings. 

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